Coming to the realisation that better weather is slowly creeping up on us, have you kept committed to what you said you would do? Don’t be one of those people that when it’s two weeks away from summer they’re desperately trying to shed that weight or build that muscle overnight! Here are some tips to keep you on the straight and narrow path to your goals:


  1. Keep It To Yourself – Psychology proves that stating your intentions to the world has a reverse effect and actually produces the feeling of the result already achieved, without doing the actual work.. Keep your goals close to your chest.


  1. Focus On The End Result – Keeping your eye on the prize will help fend off those nagging temptations that you will encounter each day. Make the goal more meaningful to you than any instant gratification. You’ll thank yourself later on.


  1. Keep Accountable – Grab yourself a partner to hold you accountable along the way. This way you’ll have to keep your word to someone close, without declaring your goals to the entire universe. Support from a friend to keep you focused makes a big difference as you won’t wan’t to let them down. Would you?


  1. Write Down Why – Write down your reasons for doing this, and next to that, exaggerate the consequences of not sticking to your commitments. Stating you’ll be ‘forever fed up with how you feel’ is a good reason to keep on track. Use pain to your benefit for a change.


  1. Keep A Visual Record – Keep a picture or video handy from Day 1 as a constant reminder of your starting point and the beginning of your journey. It will act as a prompt to take the right action, even on the days you feel like giving up. Remember where you began.