No Casey Neistat isn’t airlifting people with his self-made human supporting drone (Seen below). Instead Swiss company Flyability said its robot drone, named Elios, can access areas that are considered too dangerous for humans.


Elios (Seen below) is much more advanced than your average drone. Here are some of its key life saving features

  • Thermal Imaging and tracking. When searching through the minus temperature alps thermal imaging is very important, it makes finding victims a lot easier, a task that would normally be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
  • It’s enclosure/cage. Even the most skilled drone pilots can have accidents, however with the specially designed cage allows for the crucial components to stay safe and functional.
  • Real time monitoring. It’s no use seeing a delayed image from the drone. it would also make It difficult to fly, therefore Elios can relay real time footage back to base no matter where its located.


Cool concept, has it been put into practice? Yes! Indeed it has, Elios has been assisting the Zermatt Glacier Mountain Rescue team during rescue reconstructions. They say the drone could navigate through deep, dark and narrow spaces. The thermal imagine camera was able to locate the victim in the crevasse. The people behind the technology say it helped locate the victim more quickly and displaying the terrain also meant they could be better prepared for rescue.

Written by Elliott Garner of The Visual Edge