YouTube is a place of controversy, drama and often angry comments sections, so it can be difficult to find content that’s just cool and easy to wind down to.  These kinds of channels are often just outside of the spotlight, so here’s a few..



If you’re a fan of watching Irish people reacting to things, but don’t know where to find that outside of a pub up north, this is the channel for you. ‘Facts’ are a bit like the adult version of kids react but more adult and more British, with a good cast of low-key Irish comedians and a purely comedic agenda. Their videos tend to be 3 to 4 minutes long, and are extremely addictive should you have the time. They also release videos daily, so you’re never really left waiting.



This channel is a rapidly growing mishmash of new Black and Asian hip hop culture, featuring popular artists from 21 Savage and Rich Chigga to Keith Ape. What makes the channel worth watching is its rapid growth via features by big artists or internet sensations – which are only getting more frequent together with more interesting guests and talents. With the way hip hop appreciation is rapidly growing in Asian cultures, 88Rising looks to document its expansion and further connections with African American hip hop.


Real Stories

It’s very easy to just switch your brain off and watch mindless TV, and it can often be very hard to find something substantial to watch that can keep your interest and also make you think a bit. Real Stories is a channel that uploads weekly documentaries from various companies that can be about literally anything. This channel’s particularly noteworthy because the quality is consistently good and the topics are deliberately kept interesting with a lot of emphasis on real world issues or the niche lifestyles that we never really hear about otherwise. Definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of documentaries