Cruelty Free Skin Care

Buying skin care products have always been my weakness, if it promises to eliminate pesky blemishes, I’m already sold. A girl can never have too many face scrubs, I guess.

But it is all too easy to buy these products and not really give much thought to how it got onto the shelves.  There is no avoiding the surge of new wave veganism, which continues to inspire many to change their diet and lifestyle to one that is free from suffering and better for the planet and animals. Vegan foods and cafes, blogs and recipes are all becoming more widespread. So, is it time to start thinking about buying vegan and cruelty free products? Exploiting animals for a new lipstick or moisturiser, is it acceptable?

Trying to find a concise lists of cruelty free brands is hard and it’s important to remember these lists may be subject to unreliable sources of information. Perhaps the least complicated way to see whether or not a product has been involved in animal testing is to check the product itself, by seeing if the ‘not tested on animals’ logo is on the label. The ‘leaping bunny logo’ is the only internationally recognised symbol which guarantees no animals have been tested on in the development of the product. Shockingly a large percentage of brands, high end and low end alike, do test on animals.

However I was happy to find that one of my favourite brands is vegan (doesn’t contain animal products) and cruelty free!  B. is a brand exclusive to Superdrug which consists of a large range of affordable skincare and make up, the majority of products being under £10. Personally, my skin is difficult as I have sensitive, dry skin as well as oily-ness and spots and I regularly use a few go-to favourites.

B.Pure Micellar water– perfect for removing make up of an evening, I also keep it in the fridge as using cold micellar water after a hot bath or shower will help to close up those pores!

Radiant Antioxide Boost Facial Oil– works wonders for dry skin, only a couple of drops are needed to massage into the face/ neck before bed and you shall wake up to soft, hydrated skin.

B.Confident Day Cream– I find the worse thing I can do to my skin is to clog it up by wearing product upon product, so after cleansing I apply this non- greasy cream to moisturise and protect against sun damage, wait a few minutes and then start to apply makeup. Better still, it contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient which benefits every skin type by improving skin elasticity and plumpness.


Written by Beth Ellis