Heading away for a week or two in the sun this year? We’ve got the perfect beauty preparation tips and advice for you before you jet off on your holiday!

Wash, scrub, rinse! Remove all that dead, dry skin and dirt! Not only will you feel baby soft and look flawless, a tan is much easier to obtain!

Sun Beds
No one wants to be pasty looking like a raw chicken sprawled out on the golden sand! To avoid this, try topping your tan up on the sun beds a few times beforehand. Not only will you be looking bronzed, but your skin will be able to tolerate the heat a little better once you’ve reached your holiday destination!

No one wants to spend their holiday shaving every two days (especially if you have dark hair!) A bikini, leg, and armpit wax isn’t hideously expensive and the results last up two 4 weeks! So you can enjoy your time in the sun without the worry of any unwanted hair.

Nail Treatments
Having our nails painted and extended is just an everyday norm, but on holiday it’s nice to have something a little special to make you feel uber confident! The same goes for your toes; you might not have them out in public much in the UK but you’ll more than likely go shoe-less most of your holiday. Why not treat your feet before you go?

Fresh Cut
You don’t need the hassle of splits ends and faded hair colours – get yourself a fresh new cut and colour before your holiday! Or even braid your hair for something a little different!