You’re young, you’re newly independent, and you now (or soon will) have your own personal space to decorate whether that be student housing, or your very own flat. Here are a few decor must-haves to make your home feel, well, homely.

Indoor Plants
They bring a little life and colour to a room – they need a little care and attention, but don’t we all? Cacti, aloe vera, acera, these are all beautiful plants that are a little edgy and look funky as a piece of decor!

Fairy Lights
Not for everyone, but those who like them, love them. Hang some little lights around mirrors, picture frames, on stair rails – they really give your home a relaxed atmosphere and they’re incredible easy to hang whenever and wherever. Not to mention, they look beautiful.

Picture Frames
I don’t mean a rectangle frame with “Family” written on it, I mean something unique. Quirky shaped photo frames all threaded on a long rope and hung across the room, or if you’re not a fan of frame, then polaroids clipped on the a long piece of string is simple yet stylish. And more personal!

Scented candles, tall candles, fat candles, pink candles – the list goes on! Candles don’t only work as a neat piece of decor, they are often used as a sense of stress relief when lit! Plus if you happen to lose power – you’ll have something to light your way!

Been lumbered with a plain carpet or wooden floors? Brighten things up with a whacky coloured rug! Not only does it look really cool – it will keep your feet warmer…