From Gothic Studies to DJ Practice, here are 5 weird and wonderful University Courses you most definitely wish you had taken…

  1. Surf Science and Technology

Cornwall College offers a 2-year course learning about the history and development of surfing, as well as creative classes such as building your own surfboard. The course also dips into exploring the human’s relationships with fitness, as well as allowing students to take on a work placement at a surf-related company. Surfs up!

  1. Viticulture and Oenology

Or in simple terms; how to make the perfect wine. I’m sure there are plenty of students who are kicking themselves right now for not taking this course. Plumpton College in East Sussex offers a 3-year course including the understanding of wine production as well as how to create and perfect your own. I’m sure those students are very popular at parties!

  1. Baking Technology Management

This is the closest to The Great British Bake Off we’re ever going to get. Not only do you get to spend 2 years making delicious cakes and bread at London Southbank University, but you take on board life-long business skills, organisational skills and finance skills to help build your own business success. Seconds anyone?

  1. Fantasy Literature Including Harry Potter

You’re a Wizard Harry! You wish. The Ohio State University offers a course module dedicated to J.K.Rowling’s books. It explores the cultural roots and techniques of the books and students are required to read each 7 books. And let’s face it, who hasn’t done that already?

  1. Beer Studies

The Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh is a science-based course designed for those hoping to go into distilling or brewing companies and are both offered to under-graduate and post-graduates. The course has been running for over 100 years and teaches how to pull the perfect pint to understanding the science and technology involved from brewing to packaging. Cheers!


Written by Casey Sedgwick