Ever wondered how many calories you are burning during everyday activities? From brushing your teeth, doing the weekly food shop, all the way to vigorous angry sex. Here’s how many calories are really being burnt in your day-to-day activities…

Food Shopping
Around once a week we make a trip to the local supermarket! Let’s say you’re shopping for around an hour dragging your loaded trolly up and down the aisles and then bagging it up and loading it into the car – that burns on average a whopping 240 calories! Who knew shopping for food would actually help us lose weight?


Depending on how steamy your snogging sessions get, snogging for half an hour (which is a pretty long time to nothing but snog) will burn around 35 calories. Might not seem much, but it’s nice to know we can burn them while doing something we love and isn’t too strenuous…


It’s not our favourite thing to do, but we try and make it as fun as we can. Dancing with it, or just sucking things up the hoover that really shouldn’t be sucked up by a hoover… Just to see if our hoover is as tough as we’d like it to be. Regardless, an hour of typical hoovering will burn around 180 calories. You’d need a pretty big place to make your hoovering last an hour.


Ooo! We don’t really want to go into detail here, but half an hour of fondling and typical foreplay moves and acts will cost your 42 calories. Not bad for something many of seem to enjoy!