What goes on in the bedroom is no one’s business but your own, and all that matters, really, is that you are enjoying yourself! But how long should sex really last?

Thanks to a survey carried out by Lovehoney, who asked 4,400 British people, we now know! b3cea930-57c1-44e0-b8ce-6df70bd1879b

The answer is 19 minutes. With 10 minutes of that being foreplay and 9 minutes being actual intercourse. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but 66% of the couple surveyed stated they wanted sex that lasted at least 15 minutes which is reasonable. On the contrary, the other 24% of couples surveyed said they wanted sex to last longer than half an hour! That might be expecting a little too much from some people…

Satisfaction wise, a mere 28% of women said they orgasm every time during sex compared to 75% of men. But as long as everyone is having fun, who cares, right?