2017 is looking to be the year of travel for many young people. After the disaster that was 2016, students can’t wait to get their foot in the travel door this summer and head out on a world of adventure. So where are 2017’s top travel destinations?

Top Travel Destinations: Thailand

Thailand has always been popular among young backpackers and there’s a reason for it; it’s rich with culture, adventures, staggeringly beautiful scenery, and cuisine to die for. Not to mention most tours, accommodation, food, and travel in Thailand is available for incredibly low prices making it the perfect student holiday destination if you’re a little tight on cash. So what are you waiting for?

Top Travel Destinations: Prague

It might not be a surprise that Prague is on the list as one of the most popular travel destinations this year. Prague isn’t just about the crazy stag-dos, Prague is crammed full of history and not to mention it’s breathtaking beauty. It’s one of Europe’s cheapest cities making it a great travel destination for students who don’t want to break their bank! It also has the best beer out there….

Top Travel Destinations: Vietnam

Often over-looked as a top travel destination, but Vietnam is one of the world’s untouched countries with it’s paddy fields, blissful beaches, and beautiful countryside. You can live like royalty in Vietnam as the price of living is lower than you can imagine with a cup of coffee costing you around 25p. And Vietnam is known for it’s seriously good coffee…

If you land yourself a decent amount of cash, and if these top travel destinations don’t pick your fancy, maybe you’ll decide to Visit Exceptional Villas for Travel inspiration. Whatever your budget or destination choice, enjoy the trip and stay safe. You can also visit our sister brand Travel Pocket Guide for more travel advice, tips and reviews.