In celebration of International Day of Happiness, SPG have ten vital steps you need to take in order to improve your outlook on life and be, well, happier!

Stop Complaining, Start Appreciating
Instead of moaning about your tea going cold, or whining that your new expensive makeup isn’t as flawless as you wish it was – learn to appreciate the positives things you have in your life. Understand that negative thoughts creates a negative life. Learn to notice and love the little things like the sun being out or how nice your morning coffee was this morning.

Stop Fearing, Start Trying
New opportunities and adventures face you, and sometimes changes and taking risks are scary, but being able to say you’ve put yourself out there is an achievement in itself even if it didn’t go to plan. You don’t want to be a pensioner one day realising you didn’t live as much as you could have. So get out there and say yes to adventure!

Stop Watching, Start Doing More
We love binge watching our favourite shows, but sitting infront of the telly all evening really isn’t what you pictured your life to be, is it? Research has shown people who keep active and go outside more are typically more satisfied with their lives than others. It’s time to go out and have some real fun…

Stop Taking, Start Giving
Take over from your mum and do a couple chores for her, surprise your other half with an unexpected gift, or even volunteer! Those who do more for others and make others smile feel really great about themselves. It might seem like a lot of effort sometimes, but effort shows you care, and making others feel good makes you feel good!

Stop Hating, Start Loving
Forget the poisonous people in your life and concentrate on the one’s that bring love and happiness to your life. Life is too short for fights and negativity, especially when there are so many good people out there waiting to share their good vibes!