One of Britain’s most controversial debates; when making tea, should the milk go in first or last?

It has divided the nation for many years and is still a sensitive subject that has torn friends apart. The majority of the British population says the milk goes into the cup last… But we are here to explain why putting it in first actually makes more sense than you think…

Now, let us try and explain. When you put he milk in first with your teabag, you know exactly how much milk is in your cup (adding the milk last can be difficult to measure). When you add the hot water, you essentially work the teabag to the correct strength – the darker, the better!

Not convinced? Lets put it this way; if you add the milk last and your tea is looking pretty dark and strong, it’s highly likely you just haven’t put much milk in, and the strength of your tea is actually very weak. Your tea could be the same colour as someone who put the milk in first, butĀ theirĀ tea is stronger. They know exactly how much milk went into their tea, and they brewed their tea long enough to achieve a rich flavour despite putting the milk in first.

Is your mind blown? Unfortunately, even with a perfectly reasonable argument, it probably hasn’t changed the minds of those who still thinks milk goes in last… Why? Because Brits are stubborn as f*ck.

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