Girls can’t wait to grow up. We spent our young teenage years can’t waiting to grow up – being a an adult seemed like so much fun! Until… You got your first period. Cramps, blood, mood swings, and an unquenchable first for sugar. But worse, splashing out monthly for pads and tampons.

Thinx have recently created a new ‘period-proof’ underwear that means you no longer have to use normal feminine products… The pants come in six different styles and each can hold a different amount of liquid.


So how do they work?

The pants are made in a way that makes them moisture-absorbing, leak resistant, and anti-microbial; top layer fights bacteria and the next layer absorbs the nasty stuff. Don’t worry, you’ll stay dry and apparently won’t even know they’re there…

They need to be rinsed after every use with cold water and then hung out to dry. So, are you ready to ditch your reliable tampons for the new, but strange, period-proof pants?