By March, we’re pretty sick and tired of winter and the misery it brings. March 20th marks the first day of the astronomical spring in 2017 which officially means summer is on it’s way and we can finally get excited about good times to come. Here are SPG’s reasons to love Spring…

The Clocks Go Forward
On March 26th 2017 we can get excited about the clocks going forward! It falls on a Saturday night/Sunday morning which means if you’ll be having a late on if you’re out partying. At least it will be a Sunday the next morning… But more to the point, the clocks going forward means longer days and brighter nights!

Change in Wardrobe
No more fluffy coats or copious layers of clothing to keep you warm. Temperatures will begin to rise and the tank tops and shorts can finally be dug out from the back of your wardrobe!

Tan, Tan, Tanning!
Warm weather means more sun exposure and what does that mean? Your skin will get darker meaning that beautiful tan you achieved last year will be making a comeback.

Vitamin D
No more winter SADs! We absorb Vitamin D from sun exposure mostly during the summer. The vitamin is directly linked with the absorption of calcium for healthy bones and prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes. It’s also been proven to boost the immune system which means no more pesky winter colds and flu.

Beach Time
Ditch the scarf and head on down to the beach for a day in the sun in nothing but your swimwear. Rounders on the beach, a barbecue, and a bottle of dark fruit Strongbow Cider… A typical but awesome British person’s beach day.

Trees are green, birds are singing, we don’t realise how much we miss them until the dull months of winter come around. But at least it really makes us appreciate those things when they return.