You’ve probably heard that the laws on driving whilst on your phone have recently resulted in an even heftier fine and 6 points on your license. Even worse for new drivers who will will be stripped of their licence entirely if they have been driving for less than two years!

Now, many of you are guilty of using your phone behind the wheel on the odd occasion, and a lot of you probably get away with it. But police have a new sneaky tactic of catching drivers on their phones…

Police in Plymouth have busted 130 motorists by sitting at the top of double deckers giving them the ability to see into motorists’ vehicles as a plan to crack down on texting behind the wheel and not wearing seat belts. These sneaky coppers then alerted nearby colleagues waiting in police cars who then pulled over the offenders…

So if you’re a rascal for using your phone behind the wheel and getting away with it, you might not be so lucky from now on. It’s best that you just don’t risk it!

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