The curse of the baby face is something that I have always suffered from for as long I can remember. When I was younger I thought I will grow out of this soon but I am still waiting for that day to come…maybe it will be one day soon.

We may all laugh and joke with our friends about how young we may look but it is no laughing matter. When 20 year olds like myself are still getting ID’d for a scratch card, which by the way you have to be sixteen to buy. A whole FOUR years younger than what I actually am.  I mean I know us baby faced community know we look young by 16 – really?!

Us facially young looking adults have to always have to be prepared. Whenever I go to buy alcohol I always make sure I have my ID at the ready, because there is no doubt in my mind that they will give me the look of disapproval then be shocked when I flash over my pink license and smile that I am in fact of the legal age of purchase. I mean it probably doesn’t help when I go up with a pack of wkds but don’t judge me, I have enough of that already.

Forever being told that we will appreciate it when we are older that we will look young. I personally can not wait for the day when I am thirty something and get ID’d when I am buying my weekly supply of wine to get me through my stressful job and looking after three kids. I reckon it will be the highlight of my day. I will look forward to that day…

One positive that I like to take advantage off is constantly being mistaken for a school pupil; and that’s when I can get a child’s fair on public transport- buzzing.

If you thought having a baby face was bad enough, it also means that you are an approachable person too, whatever that even means. You will always get spoken to by strangers, waiting for the bus, on the bus and just even walking around town. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people coming and asking questions but it is ever so slightly annoying when I am in a rush.

I speak on behalf of all us baby faced people when I say we don’t like to be told we look young; do you not think we already know that? So please don’t remind us on a daily basis unless we do. Thank you.