Being new to the gym can be a daunting proposition, especially when you have no idea what to do first or what does what, its often overwhelming. So here are some of the best beginner exercises using machines to kickstart your fitness journey to becoming a healthier and fitter version of you!


Leg Press – The leg press machine will target all of your leg muscles (glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves). This will help tone up your legs and build a strong lower body. Your lower body contains the largest muscle groups so it’s important you don’t neglect it like most people do!


Chest Press – The chest press machine will work your pectoral (chest) muscles which is one of the main muscle groups. Not only will your chest grow stronger, but your triceps will also be worked. Machines are a good place to start to learn the technique involved in working different muscle groups.


Assisted Pull Up – The assisted pull up machine will work out your back latissimus dorsi (outer back) muscles, as well as your biceps. The machine will help you build a strong back enabling you to progress onto bodyweight pull ups once you are strong enough.


Seated Row – This machine will work your rhomboids (central back) muscles and alongside the pull up machine, help develop a strong back. It’s important to balance out your muscles on  opposing sides of your body, so as well as working your chest out, you should also work your back out for good posture.


Shoulder Press – You’ve probably guessed it, but this machine will target your shoulder muscles which will help you develop an all-round physique. Neglecting large muscle groups will often result in muscular imbalances so ensuring you hit the main muscle groups, you’ll be well on your way to that muscle tone in all areas!


When using resistance machines ensure you warm up on a lighter weight before doing around 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions on each exercise. Aim to increase the weight slightly each time you workout to progress (progressive overload)



Sam Capps


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