Easter is approaching, and the likelihood of encountering chocolate is almost inevitable. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out though, check out myprotein.com to put a fitness twist on your Easter weekend. Make sure you still get that sweet treat this Easter, without having to ditch your fitness goals.

Protein Choc Easter Egg

The classic easter egg, but one to feel a little less guilty about! MyProtein have produced a chocolate Easter egg that is fitness friendly, and has amazing nutritional information. One egg being 210 calories, and providing a considerable 11g of protein per serving, perfect as an Easter treat. The most impressive part is the fact the egg has 61% less sugar than other popular milk chocolate eggs. They are also gluten free and vegetarian friendly. Stock up your basket with these protein eggs this Easter! Hopefully they don’t contain a furry friend..


High Protein Chocolate

In addition to the Protein Choc Egg, MyProtein also offer a variety of high-protein chocolate flavoured snacks. These include, their very own high protein chocolate boasting a whopping 19g of protein within a single 70g bar. A great alternative to a bar of Dairy Milk or Galaxy if you’re struggling with those cravings! Again, this bar impressively provides 62% less sugar than the regular supermarket alternatives. Ideal to have as a treat whilst sticking to that diet.

MyProtein offer a wide range of high protein foods, snacks, supplements, in addition to clothing and equipment to help fuel your ambition and reach your fitness goals.


Sam Capps

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @cappsfit

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