Instead of being dependent on things being a certain way in life to feel good, we can skip that part
and get straight to the feelings we want to experience with these simple tricks. Here are 4
chemicals in the brain that are responsible for the positive sensations in life that we all desire!

This neurotransmitter is associated with motivation and taking purposeful action when getting
things done. Procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of enthusiasm are often signs of low dopamine
levels. Chunking down our goals means with each little win, dopamine will be released more

HAPPY HACK: Visualise yourself accomplishing a goal or task e.g. Doing a heavy bench press.

Serotonin is what flows when you have the feeling of importance or significance, which is why low
levels are often linked to depression and loneliness. Our brains aren’t able to differentiate between
real life experiences, and those imagined. So re-live past experiences to boost serotonin levels.

HAPPY HACK: Visualise yourself receiving some social proof from others e.g. a physique
compliment or positive respect.

The love chemical. Oxytocin is linked with trust, intimacy, and healthy relationships. It is released
during orgasm, and childbirth. It also increases fidelity, which is why it is so powerful when forming
strong social and intimate bonds with others. The simplest way to increase the flow of oxytocin and
to feel a sense of belonging is to simply give someone a hug.

HAPPY HACK: Go and hug your grandmother.

The purpose of endorphins is to alleviate the feelings of depression and anxiety in response to
stress and pain. The euphoric feelings experienced are associated with runners once they finish a
long tough run. And don’t forget rollercoasters too. The quickest and simplest ways to release
endorphins are exercise and laughter.

HAPPY HACK: Going to the gym, or staying at home and enjoying a good comedy!