The lure of working when and where you want is fast becoming available across all industries from entry-level, to more specialist roles. Research by the Economic Modelling Specialists

International (EMSI) has found this temporary employment market is growing 6 times faster than that of the average total employment in the UK alone. Around 5 million people work under this framework and research from Ernst & Young predicts 40% of companies expect to employ more of these types of workers within the next 5 years. Even more boldly, CareerBuilder suggests more than half (56%) of employers will look to hire temporary staff within the next year…

The movement is real, the movement is here to stay.

The potential benefits to both businesses and workers is immense, if done fairly . Businesses have the ability to hire flexibly, and effectively crowdsource an on-demand workforce…instantly.

Acquiring more staff support when businesses need it most, during peak times or when scaling.

This means they’re no longer reliant on small committed pools of staff or put to the sword with expensive new hires, but can access the resource available in the wider market at the touch of a button with minimal financial risk.

For the individual, we’re witnessing a cultural shift in how we choose to work. Gone are the days where joining a company at 18 and leaving at retirement is the norm. Freedom and flexibility is on offer to the empowered, with an array of tools available online to ensure earnings are ultimately favourable and tax obligations are adhered to. Students can work around their varied schedules, as can working parents, young entrepreneurs, freelancers between contracts, even consultants and analysts. The type of “gig” can vary from high paid specialist roles, to entry-level positions across a multitude of industries, with the same ease of entry and acquisition…


“Work” has a new connotation, and it’s awesome.