The worst parts about growing up include the dwindling amount of Christmas and Birthday presents each year , but worse, having the option to do Easter egg hunts. Well don’t worry, SPG have come up with some ways to to make it acceptable for you to participate with all your friend this year!

Probably the most successful one! Buy large Easter eggs (or plastic ones you can open) and put mini bottles of your favourite booze inside. If you use chocolate Easter eggs, carefully half them, put the prize inside, and seal back up with melted chocolate! Booze isn’t cheap so watch as your friends go on a mad hunt for their favourite drinks!


For the people who loves makeup and beauty products! Buy small makeup testers (like MAC) and place them inside the eggs and hide them. The more expensive and popular the brands, the more ruthless the hunt will be! There will be blood.

Get your couple mates over and have an Ann Summers themed egg hunt! Hide sexy underwear or ‘toys’ and accessories for a very adult themed Easter egg hunt. Plastic eggs over real chocolate ones might be more suitable for this one. Singles and couples can take part!