LGBT+ Prides have been around in the UK since the first London Pride in 1972 . We’re sure you’ve at least heard of them! But you might have not gone to one before.

LGBT+ Prides are an important part of the LGBT+ rights movement. It’s a chance for us, the LGBT+ community,  to both celebrate what we’ve achieved #OnOurJourney over the past years, as well as the opportunity to remind the world that we’re still here, we’re still very queer and there’s still work that needs to be done.

But what can YOU get from going to them?


Be a part of something bigger

Raise your voice and join in harmony with others in telling the world that LGBT+ people deserve to be treated just the same as everyone else.


Make yourself heard

Use the Pride platform to voice your views. Many Prides have speaking slots, spoken word opportunities or a chance to perform music with a protest theme.


Show your support

Add to the critical mass, join the parade and show your support to reduce the homophobic {asshattery, horribleness} we face every day.


Feel safe

Prides are a great place to feel safe and supported. Surrounded by people who won’t judge you whatever you look like, or whoever you are.


Join the fun

As much as Pride is a protest, Pride is also about celebrating what we’ve achieved.
We now have gay marriage, working rights and better medical rights.
Despite there being so much more to do, we deserve a chance to party.


While there are lots of different styles of Pride event, many Prides offer live music, performances and an exciting atmosphere.

They’re a fantastic opportunity to hang out, chill out and have a damn good time.

If you’re LGBT+ looking to meet someone, they’re not bad for that too.

Come along to a Pride near you!

This article was sponsored by Coventry Pride  – happening on the 10th and 11th of June in Coventry. You can find out more about us here. Or head over to our Twitter and Facebook feeds @PrideCov
But there’s many, many other Prides happening all over the UK – A full calendar is available here, from the UK Pride Network.

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Join in and be a part of the journey.