YouTube is one of, if not, the most popular video viewing platform available on the internet. Infact, as of April 2017, YouTube is the second most popular site next to Alexa Internet, a web traffic company.

But there are some really cool things you didn’t know about YouTube…

That’s right, a few selected videos on the platform can be viewed in 4320p! That’s eight times the quality of 1080p which is usually the highest option of quality on YouTube videos. Unless you have 4K or 8K TV and a seriously fast internet connection, you might be waiting a long time to load a 4320p video…

This doesn’t seem possible, but did you know that 300 hours of visual content is uploaded to YouTube every minute? If you were to watch every video on YouTube from the last 10 years, it would take you around 60,000 years to watch them… Not sure why anyone would want to do that, though.


Want to rinse your favourite song and listen to it over and over? Well actually, on YouTube, you can! By choosing your favourite video and inserting ‘repeat’ into the URL between ‘youtube’ and ‘.com’ you will be taken to a new page where your chosen video will play over and over again until you’ve finally gotten sick of it!

To download music from YouTube onto your phone, check out youtube to mp4 for free!

Depending on what you search and if it’s entered correctly, you can influence and change the font and also trigger weird effects! If you search ‘doge meme’ you will get these fonts and colours…

Searching ‘Use the force Luke’ you’ll get a visual effect that represents “the force” being used. And finally typing it ‘do the harlem shake’ basically send YouTube search results into a frenzy of random dance moves! Go try them out for yourself!

If you want to watch YouTube videos but prefer the Netflix layout, then that’s fine! Google and you will be taken to YouTube TV in which the layout is more simplistic, there are not comments, and generally feels a lot easier to use.

Written by Clo Gascoigne