Trying to balance study, classes, deadlines and socialising as a student can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  There’s an app on the market for almost anything, and such apps can make balancing student life a lot easier, as well as offering a lot of other benefits.

Whether you want to make sure you make it to lectures on time, track your finances, keep fit or find good student deals, no doubt there is an app that will help make being a student easier.  To help you out, we’ve scoured the app store for the best apps for students.



This is a popular app for students that’s earned its place on many student apps lists for its ability to record lectures.  The app will act as a notepad or recorder, making it easy to save an entire lecture in either sound or visual form for reference later.



Anyone that’s used this one will agree that this app has earned the awards and praise it’s been given.  Dissertation referencing will never be the same again as it takes the painstaking task of writing references out of essay writing.  Simply scan a book’s barcode or enter a URL and the app will generate a citation which will be added to the Cloud to be added to your essay later.



If you’re a social media fan then Benchprep might be for you.  The app uses social media like functionalities to help you connect to other students whilst checking out revision notes and quizzes to help you learn.


Self control for study

This one is only available on Android phones right now, but there is a similar app available for the iPhone.  If like many others, you’re tempted to use your phone during busy exam periods or during lectures, you can use this app to block certain apps like Facebook, for a set length of time, leaving you to focus on your studies. Every student will have experienced an urge to procrastinate and getting distracted will not help your studies at all. Taking a break from social media will help boost your productivity which is why this app will help you make the most of your time.



It does what it says on the tin, but anyone that’s been a student will know it can be difficult to keep track of lectures and deadlines as well as balancing an active social life, and this app can make sure you make it to every important date you have in your diary. Dictionary & Thesaurus

You need never be stuck for a word again with this simple to use Dictionary and Thesaurus app which will help take the research out of essay writing. 



If you’ve been too busy studying and socialising, found yourself left with no socks and feeling a little flush, Laundrapp is available at the click of a button.  It allows you to outsource your laundry with a door to door service that’ll get your dirty clothes clean for you for as little as £2.50.


Alarmy: Sleep if you can

If you’ve had a late night or are just a heavy sleeper and always seem to wake up too late for lectures, then Alarmy: Sleep if you can might just be an app that you should download.  It essentially acts as an alarm clock but requires its user to carry out small tasks before it will turn itself off.  This could mean shaking the phone a set number of times or taking a photo, making it a lot harder to fall back to sleep afterwards.


Nike Training App

This one isn’t just reserved for students but it can be a great app for planning short workouts you can work into your week and can be done with friends.  Set it up and let it know whether you want to tone or get lean and it will offer your exercise plans to help meet your goals.



It’s been called the bank of the future and it’s job is to help manage your finances.  Simply top up your card and the app will send you instant notifications of how much you’ve spent so you can manage your budget and see exactly what you’ve spent your money on.  They also charge nothing for using the card abroad.



There are plenty of apps out there that navigate you to the best vouchers online, but the simplicity of using Vouchercloud makes this one of the best.  Use the app to browse through the top featured deals, or use the ‘near me’ function to find deals at restaurants and bars in your location.


O2 Priority Moments

This one might not be specifically for students but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have features that students across the country can benefit from.  It’s a goldmine for bagging discounts and freebies as well as offering priority on events and gigs.  Use this app on a Monday and you can get yourself lunch for £1!


So there you have it, the best student apps for balancing timetables, keeping fit and finding the best deals.