You wake up Monday morning and lie there thinking, “Do I really need this job?” Obviously, you do. So you go to work and spend the day staring out of the window wishing you were anywhere but here.monday


Tuesday arrives and you’re already tired of everyone’s crap and you try your best to block everyone out and ignore any criticism that might come your way. 


You’re feeling a little better until you realise you’re only half way through the week. And again, you start questioning whether the pay is worth the pain and suffering. 


Thursday arrives and the only motivation you have is that it’s Friday tomorrow, so you try your best to get on with everyone and pretend you love your job. 


Getting up for work today was a breeze, because you don’t have to do it again for two days. And knowing you’ll be able to hit the pubs later tonight is a bonus. 


It’s your favourite day of the week and you have so much time on your hands you don’t have any idea how to spend it. Do you go clubbing? Do you day drink? Do you eat your weight in pizza? Do you have sex? Who knows? 


Sunday is here and although you didn’t have to get up for work, there are multiple times during your “chill day” that you remember you have to endure another five days of work tomorrow…sunday