The hottest new Instagram trend can probably be found in your shed; it’s duct tape. That’s right, women are ditching clothing for duct tape in a risky new trend started by Miami designer Joel Alvarez who started the Black Tape Project which sees women going out clubbing with only pieces of the black tape covering their modesty…

These images are certainly not safe for work…

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The project is described as an ‘exclusive fashion experiment’ but is it going to put H&M and Topshop out of business? Probably not, but it’s a bit of fun. The project has become so popular that Joel and his duct tape girls have been touring Las Vegas, Ibiza, and London – and the girls have been pretty popular for selfies with passerbys… Can’t imagine why. Regardless, the project is new, fun, and the girls are totally rocking it.

Thank you all for the love and support. #BlackTapeProject #art #tape #tapeart #bodytape #thekingoftape

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