SPG is here with some tips to help you find yourself a great bargain!

This applies to online and in real life. Don’t just buy from the first shop you walk into. If you’ve got a bit of time, look at other places selling the same thing. The biggest shops don’t always do the best deals- sometimes a smaller
place can give you a better price.

Facebook and eBay will often throw up a few pre-loved versions of what you want to buy. Don’t be afraid of a little wear and tear- especially with things like books, where the words will still be all the same, even if they have been read a few times previously. Charity shops and carboot sales are great places to bag a bargain. But remember, it’s only a deal if you actually need what you’re buying.

bag a bargain

Ask EVERYWHERE you go. Make sure you have a student card with you to save on awkward pleading. Shops, restaurants and clubs can all do a student deal if you ask nicely. It always helps if there are a few of you together- doing a discount on club entry for six people who will be drinking there all night might be a lot more
appealing. Don’t be put off if there isn’t a sign. Just because it’s not advertised, doesn’t mean they won’t do one for you.

Haggling and negotiation is hard. That’s why people who can do it get paid the big bucks in the real world. It can be scary to try and ask but don’t worry!  You’re not being pushy- you’re being smart! Squeeze every penny and make it work for you.