Living at university is an experience you will never forget! It’s unlike any other living arrangement you will ever have in your life. Some of your favourite memories will be made in the corridor of your home with people you’ll never forget.

At first, living in a flat/house and sharing a bathroom and kitchen with a bunch of strangers is slightly terrifying. But within a mere couple of weeks, those strangers are your best friends and it’s like you’ve never been apart. Living with each other 24/7 is bound to bring out the best and worst of everyone, but you accept it! Eventually, you feel like somewhat of a team, and you passionately hate any other flat or dorm that isn’t your own…

Possibly the only place in your life where you can have a good drinking session with friends without being judged – your flatmates will be right there with you. Plus, the walk to bed if you make it, is just a few seconds away!


Being in student rented accommodation means you’re going to be close to wherever you need to be, which means longer lay ins and less effort required to get to your lectures. It’s also great knowing that there are plenty of cool bars nearby which you can stumble home drunk from most nights.

Living in rented student accommodation certainly teaches you independence; you have to do your own washing, buy your own food, cook your own meals… I use the term independent loosely, because you find yourself and your flatmates all depending on each other. That can totally be a positive thing if you’re depending on them to chip in for that week’s 5th delivered takeaway, because you’ve all realised how much effort cooking requires.