New guide created to help students when it comes to getting house deposits back

  • Anecdotes were crowdsourced from past / present students
  • Broken beds & eyelash removal fees all came at a cost
  • Guide can be viewed here, supporting graphics and anecdotes are saved here

A new guide has been created to help tackle the disputes students up and down the country are faced with when it comes to the end of semester scramble for the final deposit.

Known for their frugal lifestyles and boozy mid-week nights out, students can be re-assured that those awkward conversations with landlords when led on the ‘final walk around’ can be avoided, thanks to this latest advice piece.

The guide, created by online furniture retailer, The Furniture Market, surveyed past and present students on whether they received their full student deposit back, and if not, for what reason and at what cost it came at.


Aside from the panic phone call to parents to send stain removal and oven cleaner via first class post, the guide has taken into consideration some of the unusual situations that students are getting themselves into, before attempting to reach out to prospective university starters on how these situations can be avoided.

Notorious for their love of fancy dress, wary students wanting to protect every penny of their deposit may want to avoid organising a Halloween party, as one unfortunate participant of the survey found that a red devil painted silhouette will not go down well with the landlord and incur a £500 charge.

Whilst those Wednesday night socials with the Football or Netball team may help boost your credibility as a student, a correlation between drunken actions and higher losses of deposits became apparent across respondents.

Details of further alcohol fuelled deposit losses continued to be hazy amongst the respondents, however, squaring up to furniture and TVs after a heavy night out will come at a cost of around £100.

Sadly, it should be noted that The Furniture Market cannot assist students in trying to get their full deposits back, and no matter how many nervous and awkward excuses an individual might try to give to their parents as to why they occurred a charge for a broken bed, the reality of what happened may prove difficult to cover up.

Drunken mishaps aren’t the only thing standing between students and their deposits, as £75 charges have been handed out in the past for the removal of fake eye lashes and plasters from bedrooms.

Robert Walters, Head of E-Commerce at The Furniture Market, said:

“Students have always had a hard time getting their full deposits back from university landlords.

“With research revealing that only 27.5% of students receive 90% or more of their deposits back, we wanted to create a light-hearted guide that could help them out when the moving out day comes around.

“Whiles some of the anecdotes may be very niche, one thing for prospective students and those packing up to leave a student home should note is that their drunken antics could be scratching away at any chance of taking the full amount home”