As a student on a budget, you’re probably watching the pennies. You could spend three years living on lentils… or you could get smart with those energy bills.

So if you want to know how to make your money stretch further, here are some top tips to help you keep your energy costs to a minimum.


  1. No more standby

See that little red light on your DVD player that glows when you turn it off? That means it’s on standby – and that means it’s costing you money. Every appliance you leave plugged in is gradually using up energy. Microwaves, TVs, printers – you’d be surprised how much power they eat. Reduce your bills by switching them off at the wall or unplugging them completely.


  1. Use LED lightbulbs

When you come to replace a lightbulb, opt for LED. They’re cheaper to run than halogen or traditional energy saving bulbs – plus they have a longer life-span.


  1. Get draught-proofed

This is one the most effective ways to use less energy in your home.  Ask the landlord (nicely!) about plugging gaps in floorboards, adding underlay under carpets and putting draught excluders around doors and windows.


  1. Wash laundry at 30°CEON1703-0390 Student Pocket Guide_Skyscraper_120x600px_r1[1]

Washing your clothes at 30°C uses 40% less energy per year than washing at higher temperatures. Of course, things like sheets and towels need at least 60°C. But you can save energy (and cash) when washing other items.


  1. Clean up with an energy efficient shower

Showering less often might well save you money – but it won’t win you any friends among your class and flatmates. Instead, why not invest in an energy efficient showerhead? Although they cost around £25.00, they can be a good investment. Average saving? Up to 20 quid a year.


  1. Eat fresh!

Every time you cook, you’re using up more energy. In winter, it’s unavoidable – but summer’s a different story. Make the most of the season’s fresh, delicious veggies to create all kind of salads. Less cooker time = lower energy bills.


  1. And finally: shout!

Did you know you can heat a cup of coffee if you yell at it?! Ok, it would take you 8 years, 7 months and 6 days – but in that time, you’d create enough sound energy to warm one cup of coffee. On second thoughts, you’d probably be better off using the kettle… but only put in the water you need to use to avoid wasting energy – it’ll save time and your flatmates won’t need ear plugs.


“Feeling like I’m part of something bigger moves me on” – E.ON Energy

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