Technological advances in recent years have certainly changed things on the dating scene. Online dating has proven itself to be highly successful. On the other hand, we’ve all heard horror stories that send many of us running! Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid are just some of the popular sites being used to find “the one”,
but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

NOT AWKWARD FIRST DATES: Online dating profiles allow us to get a little creepy and read all about a user’s personality; see them in photos, videos, and even discover the name of their beloved pooch. We can now be a little more certain of who we will be meeting and what to expect to reduce that first date anxiety.

CATFISHING: Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. That hunky Italian who you’ve been talking to on Tinder is actually that dodgy bloke who lives three doors down from you. That fit girl from Spain who started asking for money so she could come and visit you is a scammer! Some people have a nasty habit of adopting a fictional persona to lure innocent daters into their trap of pervy questions and possible inappropriate pictures, or even worse steal your money. Keep your wits about you!


#RELATIONSHIPGOALS: The advances in online dating make it far less difficult to meet a potential partner; the wide range of choices is refreshing and makes the whole process a little less terrifying! Online dating has also allowed us to get close and feel connected to someone before we’ve even met them.

TMI…: It’s nice to know the basic details about your date before you meet them, such as their name, age, and maybe even height. However, sometimes online dating results in us knowing a little too much beforehand; you realise you miss that butterfly feeling because you already know their mother’s maiden name and the street they grew up on. Don’t be too keen to find out everything straight away and refrain from doing a computerised background check… for now. Be sensible and have fun!