We all get the ‘first date jitters’ which can lead to some pretty embarrassing behaviour that appears to be out of our control. So here’s the SPG’s guide on what to say and what not to say on a first date…


“My ex used to…”
WHOA! Don’t bring up the ex. You don’t want to frighten them away. The ex is an ex for a reason, so leave the past in the past and focus on the fun you are having with your date!

“You look nervous.”
STOP RIGHT THERE. It’s a first date so of course they’re nervous. The last thing you want when you’re nervous is for someone to acknowledge it. Try reassuring them that it is perfectly
normal to feel anxious or that you’re feeling nervous too.

“When I get married…”
AHHH! Don’t say the ‘M’ word. It can send your date running. At this stage it’s all about getting to know your date. Coming on too strong can make your date pretty uncomfortable.

“How much money do you make?”
NOPE. If you ask that, your date is going to think you’re interested in one thing and
one thing only, my friend. CASH. It is totally acceptable to ask about their career, but don’t get too personal as it can give them the wrong impression.



“Where are you from?”
YES! Start off nice and simple by asking very basic questions that show you are interested in your date and want to get to know them gradually and sensibly.

“What music do you like?”
WOO! When you have uncovered all their basic information, it’s good to then open with a question like this as it’s
light-hearted, and shows you are genuinely interested in getting to know your date. Music is always a great subject to bond over, too!

“What are your hobbies?”
The perfect question to get the conversation flowing! Also a damn good question to discover what you might both have in common, and it lets you show interest in your date.

“How was your day?”
YEP. This question benefits you more than it does your date; it’s a great way
to discover your date’s attitude – whether it’s positive or negative.Also, it is useful to know if any of the day’s events could be affecting their behaviour during the date.

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