Societies – groups created for the students, by the students. Some societies stay on the mainstream side of things, but some surpass the realm of normality, stretching far into the bizarre…

TWENTY MINUTES SOCIETY: This one just sounds awesome! Members receive random text messages every few weeks, which simply state a place they need to be at within 20 minutes. Upon arriving, members will find themselves somewhere interesting. At the end of the year, the society also have an annual mystery holiday. You don’t find out until you’re in the airport!

QUIDDICH SOCIETY: This one shouldn’t surprise you too much; die-hard Harry Potter fans were always going to conjure up a group like this. There are allegedly over 300
registered Quiddich teams worldwide! Let me just clarify quickly – the real Quiddich does NOT involve any flying of any kind (sorry to disappoint).


HUMMUS SOCIETY: This is about as random as it gets. The creator describes the society as “exactly what it seems”… It’s a group of people that come together to celebrate hummus in all of it’s glory. They do more than just eat it – they discuss its origins, they debate what goes well with eating it…

ASSASSINS SOCIETY: WARNING! If you are planning on travelling to Durham, please remain vigilant of the young assassins that roam the streets. Although, you can take comfort in the fact that these assassins only target each other and they don’t actually kill each other – they play group activities where they just pretend to.

NERDFIGHTERS SOCIETY: This group describe themselves as a bunch of people “who want to help break the negative nerd stereotype, who are willing to fight for good causes”. So, if you were actively laughing or making fun of number 3 on the list then you better lock your doors – the nerdfighters are coming to get ya!