There are many charities out there that need our help, but not all of them get the recognition they deserve. So, SPG have made a list of charities who we think you should all be aware of!

This charity consists of volunteers living and travelling on a barge for several months a year; simply hosting
mass cleanups of rivers, workshops, and tree planting. The dedication of these guys is simply amazing and their work deserves a lot more recognition.

The PBB is a charity based in New York, where puppies are raised and trained by prison inmates to become service dogs to wounded war veterans. The puppies are raised from the age of 8 weeks until roughly 24 months. This is so the inmates learn what it means to contribute to society, and they earn hope and pride from doing so. The dogs bring companionship and security to the veterans.How nice is that?

This is a small charity started by anxiety sufferers who believe people with anxiety and depression shouldn’t suffer alone simply because they can’t afford treatment or are on a long waiting list. It offers free, confidential support such as counselling, prevention and relaxation techniques!

There are plenty of charities with the aim of saving whales, elephants, and gorillas. But what about guinea
pigs? Since 2004, The Critter Connection has dedicated it’s time to housing and caring for abandoned
guinea pigs! That’s just plain adorable.

They’re basically a charity who raise money for other charities, but with a very clever and effective strategy!
Omaze offer amazing prizes, such as the chance to hang out with your favourite celebrity, or a trip to the
Maldives. The competitions can be entered by donating as little as £10. The higher your donation, the higher
your chances of winning the prize. Very cool!

Founded in 2009, Student Minds focuses on giving students the skills, knowledge, and confidence to talk
about their mental health and look out for their friends. The charity hosts student support groups, so students
can have access to a friendly and supportive environment in which they can openly discuss their mental health