Family, probably the most important aspect of life. The people you grew up with and, whether you like it or not, the people you share the same DNA with. Large families can be great and offer you endless amounts of overbearing love, but just like any family, they come with their downfalls. Here are the struggles of having a large family…

Accidental family gatherings took place in one room of the house. You never understood why you all followed each other around…

You used to come home looking forward to the food you saved in the fridge, only to find is gone…
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A large family and a lot of siblings meant a lot of conflict over the most ridiculous things…

You probably had a favourite sibling that was essentially your partner in crime.

In your early years, you probably shared a room with one or more of your siblings.

You feel like you spent most of your childhood waiting for a sibling to come up the stairs so you could go down.

You used to announce to the family that you were about to have a shower, next thing you see is another sibling running into the bathroom and the shower switching on…

And most of the time you hated eachother, but god forbid anyone else you picks on your siblings.
the struggles of having a large family

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