Unfortunately, the UK isn’t well known for its amazing weather. In fact, it’s known for its rubbish, slightly inconsistent weather. But when it rains, your day doesn’t have to be poor. So SPG has some suggestions on what you can do!

Maybe your cooking skills have become a little rusty since you’ve been at university, or you simply haven’t had time to experiment since you started working. When those rainy weekends come along, why not fire up the oven and bake that cake you’ve always wanted to try? It makes for a great group activity, too!

You’ve just found out your best mate hasn’t seen Star Wars and you’re appalled. The weather is rubbish, so why not go on a film marathon with plenty of snacks and friends, and enjoy a relaxing day in front of the telly. Just stay away from the prequels.


Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games. You’ve been putting off sorting through that mail; you still haven’t done that assignment; you still need to book that doctors appointment. Maybe use the rainy day as an opportunity to sort out those little annoying tasks, which you usually pretend don’t exist.

The rainy weather is getting you down and making you wish you were swinging in a hammock above the Caribbean sand. So why not plan your next holiday? Planning it down to the smallest details and finding some great deals will give you that motivation to finally start saving up for that break you deserve!

Probably not your favourite option, but now is an opportunity to start getting that dream body you’ve always wanted. At least gyms are warm and dry…