After a bank holiday weekend, waking up early this morning and returning to work was like a shovel to the face; out of nowhere and we were not ready for it.

Waking up early and heading to work/classes is crap on the best of days unless you’re a highly motivated individual with a passion for working, but for the most of you, that really isn’t the case…

Your alarm goes off and you consider screaming into your pillow until you black out. You’re wondering how three days goes by so fast?

You throw a tantrum and lay in bed as long as it’s possible without being late, because deep down, you know you have to face reality.

And while you’re getting dressed and ready to leave, you have another moment of weakness where you just want to crawl back into bed…

On your commute, staying awake is near impossible and you’re wondering if it’s possible to accidentally just slip into a coma.

During your morning, sitting in the lecture hall or at a desk somewhere, you’re wondering if you’ll ever have any energy ever again…

The come to an day ends and you’re still suffering as much as you were first thing this morning and you’re pretty sure it will be this way forever.

And even if you really hate your job or lectures and classes, at least you’re getting paid or getting student loans to help you through it…