Genre-hopping international duo, Friends In Paris, have put together an exclusive playlist just for us at The SPG. Their new single “When Your Heart Is A Stranger” is the crossover track that has established Friends In Paris as one of the breakthrough acts of 2017.

With a haunting piano riff, soulful chants, an infectious melody and a vocal that can sooth even the coldest of hearts, ‘When Your Heart Is A Stranger’ is the perfect song to soundtrack anyone who has experienced conflict with their heart.

The EP was recorded across 2 continents (Europe and Australia) over several months in 2016 and is a body of work that members Kris and David are extremely proud of. The pair reside in separate continents; London bred Kris Buckle who currently lives in Austrailia, and Jeroen De Pessemier who was Belgian born currently resides in London. 

Talking of the record “‘Heart’ was born across vast oceans through satellites and stars. Two men from opposite ends of the earth discovered a connection and created a musical headspace for lovers, searchers and dreamers everywhere. Friends In Paris…wearing their ‘Heart’ on their sleeve.”

Check out the boys’ playlist below.