You may have heard it mentioned at some point in your life – it is being spoken about all the time and is clearly changing up the employment world. But what is it? Cloud Computing is the ability to access applications and documents remotely without having to use a local hard drive. This is beneficial to everyone, especially businesses, as it enables people to access their work from anywhere and at any time. It is revolutionising technology and how the business world works. This is why it is very important to know cloud computing when entering the world of employment post-graduation.

Cloud Computing is growing in importance and is responsible for creating new sought after jobs. This is partly because of its ability to reduce overall costs, increase speed, productivity, and performance. This is all whilst maintaining a certain amount of reliability. The surge in this technology means that graduates who are looking to start their careers would be wise to gain some knowledge of this field of technology as it gives them a massive edge when looking for employment. It is one of the best things you can do to make sure that you are ahead of the game when it comes to technological advancements and the workplace.

Technology is the fastest growing employment sector by a significant amount meaning skills in this field are truly valuable as a new graduate. Of course cloud computing is not for everyone but it is by no means the only field that is increasing at an incredible rate. Another field of technology that is seeing a huge rise within the business world is artificial intelligence. Businesses are increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence software to increase workflow and expand into more sectors. If you are a fan of sci-fi films you may well note that A.I hasn’t been particularly kindly represented within the art and media world, however, it is incredibly useful in the business world and may be a huge part of your own future career.

While it is great to find work at a designated Cloud Computing or Artificial Intelligence company, like North East based intranet solutions provider, Oak, because of their incredible amount of job offerings and start-ups, it can be worth your time to also look into working for companies that do not specialise in these fields, but use the technology to assist in their business. Traditional organisations are now looking for people to work for them as cloud architects, administrators, engineers, and cloud computing analysts. These positions need the same amount of training as cloud specific companies, and there are plenty of opportunities to be hired right now for those who are looking for them.

As well as Cloud Computing or A.I. training, there are other things to do to improve employability following graduation. Make sure that you research your future career to the best of your ability. There is a wide amount of careers you can choose from in this quickly changing world. It is important not to be left behind with technology, before you have even begun your career. Whatever you do, make sure that every experience you have and everything that you do for work reflects you positively and improves your CV, rather than deteriorating it. When in doubt there are plenty of placements you can do through your University, and with any luck getting into and learning more about these ever growing technical fields to the best of your ability will pay off in your job hunt.