Introduction to essay writing:

Learn more about the specifics of essay writing.

We start learning how to write essays as soon as we learn how to write, so writing an essay will probably not strike you as a totally new activity. There are certain rules that must be followed, and a standard structure that is pretty much common for any essay type. But before looking into rules and learning more about essay structure, it’s important to understand what an essay is. It’s easy to find a ton of definitions in all kinds of thesauri and encyclopedias, but all of them highlight basic elements as follows: structured format, personal interpretation and subjectivity.

Main characteristics of an essay: writing tips.

  1. The usual size is two or three pages, but it’s not a strict rule that must be followed at all times. It can be shorter or longer, the main thing is to provide the best coverage of the topic you’ve chosen. Just make sure you are not carried away: going into too much unnecessary detail won’t do any good.
  2. Unlike in scientific research papers, it’s safe to use informal speech. At the same time, using slang is not recommended.
  3. There must be a specific topic your essay is intended to cover in full measure. In some cases, topics are provided by teachers, but it’s quite likely you will have to choose a topic of your own. Make sure that you don’t use too many digressions from the main topic — this will make your essay inconsistent.
  4. You are writing to show your personal point of view on the subject of your choice. Your task is not to convince others that your opinion is the ultimate truth; you just provide your private judgment and try to make your arguments as strong as possible.
  5. Using trivial clichés is the wrong way to go. Give your readers some food for thought by providing some fresh (and absolutely your personal) vision of the problem.
  6. Being honest is the key to success. Yes, it may seem like a safe choice to just use someone’s point of view as your own, especially if it’s quite popular. But your essay will be much more interesting and thought-provoking if it’s your own thoughts and feelings you try to express while writing it.

Who are you writing your essays for?

In case you are not intending to become a professional writer and do writing as a part of your training, it’s quite probable your principal readers are your teachers/professors or your potential employers.

What are the things they notice first when evaluating?

One of the first things they will notice is of course how good your grammar, spelling and writing style is. This is why you need to make sure that there are no misprints and no mistakes. For this, you can use online spelling checkers or ask for essay writing service help.

However, one of the most important things is essay content. That is to say, your personal ideas, thoughts and emotions expressed on paper, are structured and well-rounded. That’s what you write an essay for.

Is there a way to learn to write an essay?

The idea of writing an essay on this topic or another may seem quite simple, but in reality, it’s not always that easy. This is why using some writing help may be quite handy. There are professional writing services that can provide you with all the help you need.

Writing skills are one of those things that get only better with some practice. So just don’t get discouraged if you find it hard at first and keep trying to get better also you may visit to get some help in writing.

For more information about persuasive essay outlines, visit Although essays are mostly associated with literature classes in school or homework assignments in college, some people also write them when they apply for a job.