As exam season comes to an end, students can finally enjoy their summer holidays! We have all experienced secondary school for five years, carrying out the same routines and spending our time with the same people, but what have we learnt?

Secondary school life is challenging, exciting and nerve-wracking to begin with. The countless hours of sleep and effort a student puts into their study really does pay off when they leave the exam hall feeling confident and knowing that they have tried their best. Although it does get hard sometimes, I think it’s important that we keep in mind to try our hardest; strive for exceptional grades that we are all capable of achieving and making sure that you take care of yourself.

Secondary school

As a student myself, I have learnt a lot over these past few years. We all make friends and lose some whether we like it or not. I think it’s important that we surround ourselves with people that will help and support you through your academic years. I personally found it hard to make friends and open up to people (I still do) but I have learnt to give everyone a chance as everyone has their own story. Also, taking opportunities is vital such as doing voluntary work or even joining an after school club. This will definitely help a person gain different skills, meet different people or make you get out of your comfort zone – so I encourage you all to try out new things!

Moreover, leaving school can make someone feel anxious. A person may be expected to go college, start an apprenticeship or even get a part-time job, however, make sure you do what you want. Yes, we all want to make our parents proud but if you’re passionate about something then take the time to make your parents understand. Starting a new chapter in your life is scary but also intriguing as we don’t know what we will face. Secondary school is only the beginning of our journey, although it may not prepare us for what’s really out there – it makes you become an independent person and It certainly has made me realise that I am responsible for my own choices as it will benefit me. We should all be optimistic and expand our knowledge throughout our lives.

Remember: Your grades don’t define you so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the results you want. Embrace your past and look forward to the future.

Written by Rima Khatun