1. Work Experience

The most obvious benefit of a part-time job is the mass of practical knowledge it presents to you in terms of how the professional world operates. The more you work the more you understand what you look for in a workplace and many skills you learn are easily transferred into other sectors and areas of life. Many employers value people with even basic work experience in any sphere.

  1. Money

Another primary reason for a part-time job is of course the pay, extra cash is always useful as a student. Whether you are looking to fund a personal project, buy something for yourself, or just go out with your friends, spare funds are extremely useful. Usually the wages of part-time jobs, especially internships, is not great, however it is enough to pay for most small expenses and in, depending where you live – you might be exempt from deductions of tax from your pay.

  1. Valuable Skills

As mentioned, a new experience gives way for new knowledge. The skills you can gain and develop at a part-time job help with expanding your self-development. Some basic and often-found skills include: time management, effective communication, team work, organisation and negotiation. If you are successful enough to gain employment is a sector you wish to advance later, the knowledge you will learn will give a clear head start.

  1. Contacts

Many of the people you work alongside are also students or have passions lying in other walks of life and are using this job to sustain themselves. This means that you can have colleagues who specialise in areas useful to you, your dream career or your life. Someone may know where to get a good discount on car insurance or may even be friends with someone famous.

  1. Back up

The last advantage is the fact that gaining employment during your time studying, can bridge the gap between finishing your education and anything else you want to move onto next. Some jobs have the option of becoming a full-time worker, so you can have a way of sustaining yourself whilst you decide what your next steps will be.

Written by Valeria Indyukova