University means exams, presentations, sometimes spending all night in the library and 9am lectures. But it also means a whole load of new friends, regular parties and perhaps best of all – a really long summer holiday. Despite the likelihood that your bank balance is less than encouraging by the end of the academic year, if you and your mates have managed to keep some of that load aside and plan on taking a group trip somewhere without completely breaking the bank – here are some great European destinations for young people looking for an amazing holiday.


  1. Sicily

The food, the people, the seaside. Sicily is a classic holiday destination where you can get some rest and relaxation and set out at night with wonderful weather. Whilst hotels and accommodation in cities like Rome and Venice are expensive, it is a different story in Sicily. For example, Wishsicily offers Sicilian villas owned by locals in gorgeous seaside locations, often with a private pool. Renting a villa can make a big difference to the price as you split the costs and can shop in the supermarket for cheap food and drinks. Do some research before you choose which Sicilian location suits your group, as if you’re looking for wild evenings – you don’t want to end up in a sleepy town with very little nightlife.


  1. Ibiza

Ibiza has a mix of clubbing and nightlife, seaside and even a relaxed/hippy vibe if you venture to the right areas. A couple of popular spots to check out? Playa d’en Bossa and Ibiza Town. Since it is a popular destination, there are plenty of package deals available, including flight and hotel at an affordable price. Try not to spend the entire trip focusing on the nightlife though, the island is beautiful and has so much more than clubs!


  1. Berlin

Berlin is now known as one of the most exciting “cultural hubs” in Europe. It is an upcoming destination that has a ton of energy, a growing ‘young’ population and a lot to see and do. Galleries, music, theatre, history; it’s all there. As it is perfect for a cultural experience, it has all the benefits of city life too. It’s also a famous haven for artistic types and there are plenty of interesting bars to visit in the evenings.


  1. Zagreb

Zagreb is an inland destination with tons of outdoor options, at a lower price than coastal towns. Jarun Lake in Zagreb is a popular spot for student travelers and has the nightlife to match it. Trekking, biking and running are common daytime activities throughout destinations such as Maksimir Park and Mount Medvendica. A holiday in Zagreb also means budget-friendly travel in terms of accommodation. You can find dorms in hostels for less than 20 pounds per night.


  1. Amsterdam

If you want a city feel but still be surrounded by nature, Amsterdam is a great option. With the canals throughout the city and laid-back culture, it is known as an easy-going city. Flights that run out of the UK to Amsterdam are also quite cheap. From the ‘cafes’, canal tours, the Heineken experience and Sex Museum, there is surely something for everyone. Day trips from Amsterdam to other cities are also a fun idea if you’re planning to stay for a while.


With so many wonderful destinations to choose from, you can get the most for your money by choosing the one that has the best nightlife, yes, but also local sights and delicacies that you are truly inspired by. Words for the wise, planning ahead and booking in advance is also a clever way to save money. Plus, the sooner it’s booked, the sooner you can focus on dreamy photos of your destination and topping up that tan in time to start your next year at uni.