Trying to find a logical explanation to everything seem to be in our blood. We use to think that as soon as we find a logical explanation to anything it can be either defeated or can be made better. We believe that even love has an explanation, and scientists created thousands of lifehacks for those who are already in relationships, as well as for those who want to find their second half. No matter how hard the scientists try, none of them is able to explain what love is exactly. Still, we were able gather few facts about love that can help you either solve the mystery of this feeling or learn few tricks for improving your searching for the partner.


Love Makes You More Creative

 In 2009, the psychologists at University of Amsterdam made a research, which shows that love changes your way of thinking. According to the study, when we are in love, we concentrate less on what’s going on right now and achieve a long-term view. Basically, when you are in love, you start thinking ‘out of the box’, thus you are becoming more creative being able to find connections between things that seem unconnected at first glance. Moreover, you don’t need to be in love to activate your creative thinking. According to the study, you can improve your analytical skills by simply thinking about love or sex.


Love = Fear

 You definitely feel a little bit scared, when you are falling in love. That happens, because when we fall in love, the whole cocktail of hormones is released into our bodies. You heart race and your body sweat, because the main component of that cocktail is adrenaline.

Adrenaline is known as stress hormone, and your body produces the same amount of it when you are afraid. Love and fear are supported by the same chemical processes, thus love and fear are basically the same feeling. It makes no surprise, as adrenaline is released whenever you have strong emotions. The adrenaline rush mainly occurs when you are in love, when you are scared, or when you are in the state of euphoria.

How can you use this fact? Well, people with the same level of adrenaline are more likely to fall in love. Remember all those horror films, where a guy and girl who hated each other at the beginning fall in love after surviving some terrible accident? Yep, they are true.

facts about love

The Meaning of an Eye Contact

 Although it may sound cliched, but use your eyes. Eye-gazing can effect feelings between you and your partner. A study published in “Journal of Research in Personality” showed that participants who looked into each other eyes were more likely to fall for each other.

Everything can be seen in your eyes. The way you look at people depends on your feeling towards them. You can hide romance or lust in your eyes, when you are looking at your prospective partner.

So, how can you use this knowledge? Easy, if you want to build an emotional contact with someone you are attracted to, all you need to do is to look into the eyes of your love interest. Hold the eye contact, no matter how nervous you are. Thanks to our friends from for providing this article.