Being a student can get pretty hectic. When the never-ending pile of work seems to only be building up, it can be difficult to give time to yourself. Here are some small tips to simply look after your mental health throughout the year.

  • Exercise

Being able to stay focus when engaged in everyday life activities is very important in order for your day to be the most effective. By exercising regularly, blood flow is improved and your hormones are at optimum levels, thus increasing your ability to concentrate. Regular exercise is also associated with lower rates of anxiety and depression which makes it even more encouraged!


  • Eat more healthily

Although we all can’t resist a good pizza now and then, eating an unhealthy diet puts you at a higher risk of productivity loss. Healthy eating keeps blood sugar pretty stable throughout the day resulting in more energy to accompany a busy lifestyle. Eating healthily also promotes better sleep and rest, helping to reduce stress in some people.


  • Talking to friends

Although talking may seem unimportant, it’s good to sit down and tell someone about your current stresses and struggles. They may be able to support you and give you helpful advice on how to cope with everything you’re going through, taking off some of the weight from your shoulders.


  • Giving time to others

Committing an act of kindness is associated with not only an increase in wellbeing but also helps develop relationships with those around you. The care and compassion from others can be extremely uplifting and help you to get into a better mindset.


  • Take a breather

Sounds pretty simple but it’s so easy to forget that taking breaks and spending some time on yourself is completely necessary. Effects of overworking include becoming more irritable, immune system weakening and a tendency to stop enjoying the moment. By getting at least 8 hours of sleep a day and giving yourself breaks from intensive working, you can make sure these problems are avoided!

Written by Areeba Fahim