In celebration of National Best Friends Day, let’s talk about the friendships that are completely dysfunctional but stronger than most! Why? Because you’re both hot messes who found solace in each other.

When you first met, you just knew it was meant to be.

The first time you got drunk together you both said some equally weird sh*t that made you realise you could really be yourselves around each other.

Sometimes you say or do some really strange things around each other that would make anyone else think you’re both completely insane.

You’ve been there through all their ugly crying sessions.

You’ve even stayed by their side when they told you for the 7th time they are going back to the horrific ex.

They’ve also been through a few questionable lifestyle phases, but you don’t say anything, because they are your best friend.

And sometimes, you wonder if you’re perhaps a little too close…

And you take it in turns to be the responsibleĀ sober friend on a night out; the sober friend’s job is to make sure the drunk friend doesn’t ruin their life.

And when you see each other unexpectedly in public from a distance…

Not matter what you go through, it’s good knowing you have someone just as messed up as you by your side.