Since having her hands wrapped around a guitar at the age of three, the self taught artist quickly developed her own unique style. Tash has made a name for herself busking on the streets of Melbourne and having homemade videos go viral getting millions of views online.

Q 1: Hiya Tash. Thanks so much for wanting to chat with us! How are things at the moment?


Q 2: You’re currently on tour and I bet it’s amazing! What’s the best thing about travelling around the world to play shows?

Playing to different audiences from different countries and having them sing my lyrics back to me even when they can’t speak the same language – that’s amazing.

Q 3: Reflecting back on this year, can you think of any key moments that have made 2017 for you so far?

I just played Splendour in the Grass which was pretty cool. Live Shot

Q 4: You started off busking on the streets of Melbourne to now playing completely sold out shows. How does that make you feel?

When I play it’s the same; whether I’m playing to 10 people or 20,000 people, it’s a whole-body experience. Performing is what I love to do so I’m lucky to be able to do it every night.

Q 5: From the age of 3, you’ve been completely obsessed with music. What do you think your life would be like if you didn’t have music by your side?

Music would never not be part of my life.

Q 6: Did music play a big part in getting you out of the rough patch you had?

Music was kind of my only salvation at the time.

Q 7: Did you expect your videos recorded in your bedroom to go viral worldwide?

Not at all. The only reason I filmed the videos was because my mum had bought me a go pro for Christmas and I thought I should use it.

Q 8: It’s so inspiring how you self taught every instrument you play! What instrument will always be your favourite?

Guitar will always be favourite, always.

Q 9: Who has inspired you the most throughout your journey or did all inspiration come from yourself?

I take inspiration from everywhere; people, experiences, my surroundings and music.

Q 10: You’ve come so far in the past couple of years. What’s next to come in your journey?

I’d love to record an album. I’m looking forward to being able to just jam and write!

Facebook: @tashsultanamusic | Twitter: @TASHSULTANAA

Instagram: @tashsultanaofficial

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