The crude and hilarious show, Rick and Morty, has recently become incredibly popular across the globe. Its vulgar humour, warped characters and storyline, and its ability to push the boundaries at every corner has won us all over. Rick Sanchez, although a psychopathic, alcoholic, insane scientist – has undoubtedly become the nation’s favourite character. Why? Maybe we relate to him and his bad attitude more than we realise…

Here is your typical day presented by the one and only Rick Sanchez.


You’re blinded by the rage triggered by having to be awake this early – but work is work, and it’s gotta be done! It’s also made you realise that angry working is a pretty good way to be productive whilst letting off some steam. Rick Sanchez


It’s at this point of the day where you start slacking and things start getting busy – but you try to keep quiet and let everyone else around you fight the rush. Rick Sanchez


You’re getting hungry, food is all you can think about, and your colleagues have the audacity to tell you “Lunch isn’t for another 30 minutes – get back to work.”
Rick Sanchez


Lunch hour was over in the blink of an eye, and it’s hit that point of the day where every other employee in the room really start to hit a nerve.
Rick Sanchez

Motivation has lost you, and it seems like everyone is on your case telling you how lazy and unproductive you’re being. But you’re finding it hard to care at this point.
Rick Sanchez


Why is it the last hour goes the slowest? End of working hours seems so close yet so far. You stare at the clock longingly, convinced the minute hand is actually going backwards.
Rick Sanchez


You made it. You weren’t sure if you would, but you did! Every day you work you think it might be your last – has anyone actually ever died of boredom?
Rick Sanchez

And you gotta make sure you and your work bestie make a dramatic exit together; you conquered the workplace today, let your colleagues know!
Rick Sanchez

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