It’s not just your work life you need to keep organised! Keep things neat and tidy in your home with this handy checklist. You’ll be amazed at how an organised home can eliminate stress from your life.
– Make your bed as soon as you wake up; you won’t have to make it when you return home exhausted from your day (unless you plan on getting straight back in it…)
– Put dirty clothes in the hamper, less socks will be lost.
– Fold or hang clothes in your bedroom closet before going to bed.
– Lay out your clothes for tomorrow for work, school, or the gym (you’ll have more time to have a lay in!)
– Clean out the kitchen sink drain board and/or dishwasher.
– Clear off the kitchen table after dinner, don’t leave plates to fester overnight.
– Pack your lunch and snacks for work or school the night before to save time in the morning.
– Create a breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner meal plan for the week.
– Put together a drop-tray to store car and house keys, wallet, and cell phone!
– Prepare an item checklist for work, school, run errands, or the gym.
– Use stick-on hooks to hang keys, lanyards, bags, and other light items.
– Hang up your coat or jacket instead of throwing it in the corner.
– Shred and/or recycle junk mail immediately upon checking postal mail, you’ll thank me later.
– Break down and recycle postal package boxes and parcels.
– Create a remote control “landing zone” in your living room, den, or TV room.
– Recycle newspapers, circulars, and advertisements daily.
– Place towels and washcloths in hamper or washing machine after use.
– Recycle empty soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner containers; don’t let them build up!
– Create a vanity tray for comb, brush, deodorant, lotion, makeup, etc.
– Check existing bathroom supplies before going shopping for items store.

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Written by Aaron Wiliams