Shout-out and a massive (internet) pat on the back to those who completed their degree at university this year! After finally finishing university, I came to the refreshing realisation that university is not for everyone. It was only after receiving my own results from university and me becoming genuinely disappointed in myself that I realised, the stress of it all is very unnecessary.

Over the last three years attending university I didn’t stress much. I handed in all my work on time, I learnt how to budget my finances while living in central London and I had a strong support system back at home. And when I entered my third year of university I thought that I had everything under-control.

It wasn’t until the day I received my final degree results that I felt the weight of three years on my back, all at the same time. In my third year, especially, I tried my absolute best. I genuinely thought I’d done amazingly, not a 1st sort of amazing but a 2:1 at least. I mean, according to society is your degree even a degree if you attain a 2:2 or below? Well, my friends I just want to tell you – yes, it is very valid.


The disappointment that I felt within myself was not healthy, I felt as if I had failed. I had my family and close friends reassuring me that I had done well, but I didn’t listen. I felt as if I had let myself down… I just wanted to send a positive message to those who may be in the same position, do not worry, do not stress yourself out, just chill.

Be proud of the fact that you’ve gotten through what some people call the most stressful times in their life. You did it, you passed and you are graduating with a degree. Now, attaining a 2:2 or below may mean that you’re unable to apply for certain jobs or graduate schemes, but, not to worry – there’s always a way around obstacles like this. Experience plays a huge part when putting yourself forward for any job, so try your hardest to get any experience you can. Do some deep research into what career path you’d like to head down and find out how you can get there with the tools you already have, there is always a way.

It’s incredibly important that I let people know that they should be proud of what they have accomplished, it is a big deal, and you did it. So, give yourself a huge round of applause for getting through this (unnecessarily) stressful time in your life, you did it, go YOU!

Written by Naveena KB